Dear Reader…

I’m Jesse. I’m an engineer, a new owner of an old home, and an avid reader/writer.

After a couple years of post-college foundering, unsure where my dollars were going, I started having lots of finance conversations with friends and family. The more I wrote my thoughts down, the better things went. And with some Seth Godin encouragement, I began to do my writing in stone. Well, maybe “in silicon”…

I hope you enjoy my thoughts, numerical breakdowns, and general musings. If you’d like to comment, ask a question, or simply say hi, leave me a message here, on Twitter (@BestInterest_JC) or on Reddit (u/BestInterestDotBlog). Many of my posts have been directly influenced by my readers. It’s the most fun part of writing this blog.

And as always, thanks for reading the Best Interest.


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