risk posture
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Risk Posture

“If I compared 1000 401(k) maximizers against 1000 degenerate gamblers, which group would have a better financial outcomes?”

Their risk posture is key.

random walk and basic finance plots
Advanced Finance

Random walk, and four more basic finance plots

Math is the language of the universe. And plots help visualize math.

Today, I present five important plots to explain personal finance basics.

Advanced Finance

Are my investments good?

Today we’re starting with a common question, and we’re going to answer it from a few different points of view. College student Cesar asked me, “Jesse, take a look at…

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Philosophical Musings


Action, participation, encouraging positive change…these are snowballs that any person can start rolling.

Will you be that person?

Basic Finance, Philosophical Musings

For Folks with no Free Time

If you focus on identifying the best opportunities to affect your personal finance, you can profoundly improve your life without wasting time. And those best opportunities are…?

Basic Finance

The Habit of Saving

Telling people to “save more money” is empty advice. How? What’s the first step?

Today, Ben Franklin helps us define a real, simple, executable plan.

Basic Finance

FIRE Starter: A Brief Intro to Personal Finance’s Hot New Acronym

Maybe you’ve heard of FIRE, maybe you haven’t. This week, I give a brief intro and my opinions of personal finance’s hot new acronym.

Basic Finance

The Best Interest Budget Survey

Are you worried that your budget—or lack thereof—is damaging your financial health? Over a dozen other financial writers contributed to this week’s deep dive into budgets.

All the contributors share one vital beneficial behavior.